Restaurant Management Software


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Inventory Management System
Inventory Management System
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Retail Management
Retail Management
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Restaurant Management Software

A restaurant not only needs a great Chef cuisine and food servicing employee but also a dedicated management tool. Deom brings in a dedicated approach to operations with the help of the Point of Sale module originally defined to run the retail operations. Deom marketplace will configure the POS module to run your restaurant.

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    The importance  Slnee POS of order to manage your restaurant

    Slnee POS with its impeccable design and well-crafted development will allow your restaurants to be running smoothly without any hurdles in the management.

    1- Food cost analysis
    2- Materials management
    3- Manage the loyalty programs to customers
    4- Dedicated employee management
    5- Complete finance management
    6- Fine dining experience
    7- Manage your floors and tables

    Point Of Sale

    The complete front desk counter management for restaurants defined in a dedicated operational module.

    1- Table and follow management
    2- Capability to split and merge bills
    3- Allocate employees to respective tables
    4- Loyalty programs for regular customers
    5- Operable from smart touch screens
    6- Integrated kitchen operations control
    7- Send orders directly to kitchens
    8- Pricelist management
    9- Tips for waiters

    Finance management with the accounting module

    All the bills payment, invoicing and other aspects of the financial operations can be well managed by the Slnee accounting module.

    1- Create well-defined invoices
    2- Vendor bill payments
    3- Define taxes involved with the restaurants or bar operation
    4- Payment follow-ups
    5- Multi-currency management
    6- Inter-bank transfers
    7- Accept payments from various sources
    8- Define payments terminologies